Spa Medicine

Medical Spa Treatment at the Hot Springs in Freiburg

Modern spa medicine, also known as outpatient preventive care, is a specialized healthcare system that offers a combination of traditional natural healing methods and modern medical treatments. The aim of a medical spa treatment is to alleviate, improve, or cure health problems, such as Arthrose, which often arise from multiple factors. Modern spa medicine provides effective, efficient, and quality-assured therapy and meets high requirements for therapy planning. A medical spa or outpatient preventive care includes individually tailored therapies that are regularly repeated within a specified timeframe. Primary goals include health promotion, prevention, rehabilitation, and avoiding the need for care. Sub-goals include the individual selection and preparation of spa participants, qualified implementation of the spa treatment, and regulated follow-up care.

For many years now, I have been working as the authorized spa and bathing doctor in the area of the hot springs in Freiburg. In close coordination with the Keidel Therme, we carry out the corresponding medical spa treatments. If you are interested in a medical spa treatment, please contact us early so that we can plan optimal treatment for you. We are also happy to advise you on suitable accommodation options.