Cold plasma treatment

Discover the innovative Cold Plasma Treatment: Effective therapy for chronic wounds and more.

Chronic wounds and stubborn injuries often require special attention. Our plasma-assisted wound treatment with cold plasma offers an advanced solution.

Key benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Accelerates wound healing by promoting cell renewal and increased collagen synthesis.
  • Also ideal for the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, especially of small joints, as well as tendon complaints.


Therapy in detail:

The cold plasma treatment is painless and contactless. It activates and regenerates tissue for optimal healing.


Quick results:

We have observed good results with the cold plasma treatment, particularly with chronic wounds, as well as in the treatment of tendon complaints and arthritis of small joints. Noticeable improvements can be expected after just one or two sessions per week. The duration of treatment depends on the individual history of the wound or illness.

Cost note:

Please note that although scientifically validated (see S2K guidelines with bibliography), cold plasma treatment might not be covered by statutory health insurance. The costs are privately borne.