Arthrosis Therapy

Arthrosis – Treatments

We treat arthrosis in joints of all sizes, from hips to wrists. There are various methods we can use individually or in combination to help you.

Infiltration Therapy

We offer a specialized injection therapy where we treat joints with various substances. These can include herbal/homeopathic remedies, hyaluronic acids, or autologous blood mixtures , depending on your individual situation. Please note that while these treatments are approved, they are not covered by statutory health insurance.

High-Magnetic Field Therapy

This method can alleviate pain and inhibit inflammation associated with arthrosis.

Shockwave Therapy

Using piezoelectric principles, we generate high-energy and low-energy sound waves outside the body and transmit them to the affected area using ultrasound gel. Although the exact mechanisms are not fully understood, shockwave therapy has shown success in relieving joint pain and inflammation.

Physiotherapy and Exercise Training

These treatments improve joint mobility, strengthen your muscles, and can help alleviate pain.

Movement Therapy in Thermal Water

The Keidel Therme offers treatments for arthrosis patients, including individual and group therapies. Weight relief in water improves your mobility and promotes muscle building. Exercises in the flow channel with adjustable resistance can enhance the effect. As an authorized medical spa and bathing doctor at Keidel Therme, we work closely with the facility to provide you with optimal treatment.

X-ray Anti-inflammatory Radiation

This method, which we sometimes recommend, is characterized by long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects, regulation of blood flow, and pain relief, even leading to pain-free status.

When treating arthrosis, we place special emphasis on close collaboration with our patients and other relevant facilities and therapists to achieve the best possible therapy outcomes.