Procedures performed

Cold plasma treatment

Cold plasma treatment is an innovative approach for treating chronic wounds as well as other injuries and conditions. Its highly anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it very effective for wound treatment. Additionally, healing is improved through the promotion of cell renewal and increased collagen synthesis

Pain treatment with ion induction therapy

Our ion induction therapy offers an innovative treatment method for patients with acute and chronic pain, as well as injuries in sports medicine. Depending on individual needs, it can help stimulate structures, reduce inflammation and swelling, improve mobility, and activate muscles.

Autologous Cell Therapy | Autologous Blood Therapy

Autologous cell therapy, also known as autologous blood therapy, harnesses the body's natural mechanisms for the regeneration and healing of injured tissue.

Arthrosis Therapy

Arthrosis is a condition that can affect all joints of the body. We offer various therapy approaches and combinations, such as local infiltrations with hyaluronic acid, autologous cell therapy, or phytotherapeutics, physiotherapy, high-magnetic field therapy, shock wave therapy, or X-ray anti-inflammatory radiation, or nutritional counseling

Spa Medicine

For many years, I have been the licensed spa and bathing doctor in the area of the hot springs in Freiburg. In close coordination with the Keidel Therme and RehaMed, we carry out the appropriate medical spa treatments.

Shock Wave Therapy

Shock wave therapy is used to treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, or patellar tendonitis, as well as other indications. According to the piezoelectric principle, extracorporeal, meaning outside the body, sound waves with high energy (for deeper tissues) and low energy (for superficial tissues) and extremely short duration are generated and coupled to the body through gel cushions and ultrasound gel.

Functional Compartment Pressure Measurement

We perform functional compartment pressure measurements. Functional compartment syndrome, is a rare alteration of the muscle compartments, especially in the lower leg. Functional compartment syndrome typically manifests as pain in the affected area after physical exertion.

Video consultations

We offer video consultations in addition to regular office hours as needed.

Sports Medicine Examinations

Physical overexertion can cause damage to the musculoskeletal system. On one hand, there are sports that involve higher stress on joints and the spine. On the other hand, there are also sports that can be practiced for health benefits without risk, even with pre-existing damage or existing signs of wear and tear.