Pain treatment with ion induction therapy

Discover the benefits of Ion Induction Therapy

Treating pain with ion induction therapy is an important part of our treatment offering for patients with acute and chronic pain.

It is a modern and gentle therapy method that can be used for many orthopedic complaints. A short, strong magnetic field of 2-3 Tesla is generated at the treatment site. The magnetic field pulses penetrate up to 10-15 cm deep into the tissue and stimulate the electrically charged particles (ions) in the body's cells to oscillate. In the case of muscle cells, this leads to contraction and relaxation of the muscle, improving cell metabolism, allowing important substances (electrolytes, minerals, enzymes, etc.) to flow in and out more efficiently.

Ion induction therapy is particularly suitable for the treatment of pain of any kind, spinal diseases, joint diseases, muscle and tendon pain, sports injuries, fracture treatments, bone marrow edema, lymphatic drainage disorders, and postoperative therapy. Additionally, it can be used for rheumatism, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

A session lasts about 20 minutes and is completely painless. Since ion induction therapy is a highly advanced procedure that works with high magnetic fields, metallic objects such as implants or devices like pacemakers should be discussed before application, as they may pose a contraindication.

We use the latest emPact device from Frey Medical AGto provide you with the best possible treatment. Please note that this form of therapy is not recognized by statutory health insurance companies, and therefore, the costs must be borne by you.

Discover the benefits of ion induction therapy now and let us provide you with individualized advice!