Competition preparation 2022

Preparation of the German Men's Rowing National Team 2022

From September 2nd to 7th, I had the privilege of accompanying and providing medical support to the German Rowing National Team,during their preparation for the 2022 World Championships in Račice, Czech Republic. Under the leadership of head coach Brigitte Bielig, the final training sessions took place before the departure to the Czech Republic. More than 60 athletes, coaches, and support staff had gathered, although fewer than originally expected due to COVID-19 restrictions. Together with physiotherapists Hanna Thiesmann and Eleni Henry, it was a great pleasure for me to support the German team.

The focus was on ensuring that the athletes were in peak condition and able to perform at their best. Medical care included injury prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment of existing complaints.

We had the opportunity to work in an idyllic environment and not only provide medical support but also offer mental and emotional assistance to the athletes.

Being part of such a motivated and dedicated team and helping prepare for a significant event was an unforgettable experience.



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